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Do you have some really big goals but not quite sure how to make them happen? Strategy sessions can solve problems, as well as spark ideas and innovation that lead to growth and success.

This coaching is best for you if you: 


  • Have to work through a difficult decision and need some expert mentoring or advice

  • Feel overwhelmed and want someone to help you to organize and prioritize your goals

  • Want some outside perspective on your business idea or marketing strategy

  • Feel stuck in your career and want help thinking through options


In this 60-minute meeting, we will discuss everything you need to develop a plan and together we'll mindmap a customized strategy that gives you clarity, direction and action steps.

"I had the most incredible strategy session with Karen! I know we can all come up with to-do lists, but when you have someone who’s mapping it out for you and giving you super clear next steps, it’s crazy helpful and saves a TON of time. She worked with me through my huge audacious goals and helped me clearly define my next 3 steps."


Rea F.

People engage in coaching for lots of individual reasons, they're either looking for a change or they have important milestones to reach. Maybe right now you are motivated to achieve a specific goal like writing a book, getting a new job, starting a business, or building a healthier lifestyle.


Mental performance coaching pours into all areas of life & business and also helps you develop new resilient skills to navigate life's changes.


Whatever the individual reason, I'm here as a change agent, strategist, and motivator to help you maximize your potential and your impact.

If you want to learn more about my approach to mental performance coaching, click here.

Quick Sprint | $897

This is a 4-session coaching package customized to accelerate your personal goals. This is the smallest coaching term available for clients that do not desire long term coaching or want to try out the one on one coaching process. 

Elite | $1,997

This is an 8-session coaching package. This coaching is the best fit for you if:

  • You have a concrete goal, and want to hit your objectives in a timely manner

  • You want to create and maintain momentum as you implement your goals

  • You want an accountability partner who will help keep you on track to reach each milestone

Champion | $2,997

This is a 12-session coaching package. This coaching is the best fit for you if you have a long term goal and you want a mentor and partner who will stay consistently updated on your plans and progress. 


Executive | *contact for pricing

This is an on-going retainer package. 

"Just talking with Karen nourishes soul! I come to her with my thoughts all over the place and she has the best way of understanding and organizing those thoughts into action."


Nicole B.

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