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25 Ways to Simplify Your Life

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self care habits

Have you ever found yourself in the house overwhelmed or battling a weight of emotions? You’re not alone. And there’s a way to channel that energy in a positive way.

I remember my mom telling me that she became OCD with cleaning when she was going through her divorce. I...

self care tips

Are you looking to make some major changes in your life? Then let me tell you, Pinterest is a great tool to use for so many reasons! 

You can create boards that help you visualize your future. Or boards that help you organize your life. I love Pinterest because it gives...

self care ideas

If you’re like me, most nights when you are ready to close your eyes and go to sleep, your mind starts racing. Maybe you have multiple to-do lists that are running through your head, or you’re replaying this day’s event or even planning for the next day.

I’ve found that...

One of the ways I found healing was through reading. Here are a few of my favorite + most impactful reads.


by Shonda Rhimes

Reading this book was like sitting down and having a personal conversation with Shonda, drinking wine and eating popcorn and talking about life. I read this wonderful "pick-me-up" in one day! Not only could I relate to the vulnerability she shared as a woman, a business woman, a mom, a friend; when I finished the book I felt guilt free and more focused on self love and self care than ever before!

option b

by Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant

This book was sent as a surprise on the day it was released and what a joy it was to be one of the first readers. I also finished this book in record time because I felt so connected to every word and every detail - it was like it was pulled from my journal and my heart. My eyes couldn't move across the pages as fast as my mind wanted to consume it all.

The best part about this book, you don't have to be a widow to relate. We've all been through something, and Sheryl & Adam offer a variety of real examples of life's hardships. 

life's golden ticket

by Brendon Burchard

I first found Brendon because of his plethora of helpful YouTube videos. To my surprise, this book was fiction, but by the time I figured that out as I was reading, I was already hooked. The storyline and imagery bring you right in, right away. 

This book is absolutely life changing, and therefore one I will always recommend.  Enjoy!!!



use your tragedy to change the world

5 second rule | mel Robbins

power of vulnerability | brene brown

overcome fear | brendon burchard

living beyond limits| amy purdy

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