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You're one thought away from a totally different life.

grow & flow with life.

At 29 years old I suddenly became a widow when my husband, Richard, was murdered. I ended up losing my house, my car, my job and so much more all in the first year. My life was a mess, I was a mess, and I was going through the motions on autopilot. I didn't know how to get myself back on track, how to start living again, how to move forward... I felt completely stuck.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by life that you wanted to give up?


That was me. 

Then one day my 2-year-old son walked into my room and asked me, “Mommy are you going to get up today?” I looked at him and knew I had two choices - I could either give up or get up.

In that moment, I did something that changed my life...

In that moment, I did something that changed my life...

I told myself,

The shift was instant.

Looking back, it makes sense. Changing the story I was telling myself renewed my thoughts and gave me the boost I needed to take action.



can change your life

With one thought, I started moving forward. I stopped telling myself a negative story and starting thinking positively. Over time I rebuilt my confidence, redefined my life, and reshaped my choices to create a life I love. I discovered a simple method that can change your life - I call it, Stop & Shift.

what's going on...

Stop & Shift helps you silence negative thoughts and shift your mind to a productive + positive response.

I used it to...

The Stop & Shift method helps activate your prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain in charge of decision making, strategic thinking, acting with courage, learning new behavior, and working towards goals.

I'm not perfect.

I'm trying to be better, JUST LIKE YOU.