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Grow and flow with life!
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Feel better, live better, and achieve your goals!

"Karen has impacted my life in so many ways, but most importantly by showing me her strength in her Faith and her abilities to overcome or face life’s challenges head-on. She is transparent & honest and reminds me daily, that’s it’s ok to be “human” and reminds me to “grow” through it." 

- Taryn -

Life is harder to navigate when we try to do it alone. 

That’s why I designed Soul Care, a member’s only community, to provide ongoing encouragement, life strategies, and accountability as you take action towards creating a life you love.

We all may be on different paths, but we have the same goal: a happy + healthy life.

So whether you are in a season of healing, transition, unexpected change, career apathy, or working on you for you, Soul Care is here to help you feel better, live better, and achieve your goals.

"Karen's story and courage are infectious. After learning about her journey, I felt like I had more strength for my own journey. I shared with Karen about my battle with cancer, personal, and family issues and she was a listening ear; a voice of wisdom. She has a gift to see through the chaos of life and provide clear, effective guidance."

- Candita -

If you are worn out or overwhelmed with the pace and pressure of life, then it's time to learn how to grow a healthy mind and healthy heart so you can live a FULL healthy life. 

Soul Care is a membership community that puts mindful empowerment at the forefront of your journey. This program gives you the tools to strengthen your resilience, get healthy from the inside out, and feel happier — naturally.

If you want to… 


🌱 Make peace with the past and move forward with passion and purpose

🌱 Discover how to grow and flow with life’s many curveballs

🌱 Attract positive vibes in your life like a magnet (and repel negative ones!)

🌱 Fully live the life you WANT and deserve


Then you’re in the right place!


I'm committed to helping you get the clarity and confidence you need to get “unstuck” and create the life YOU want.

As a member, you'll have access to the following resources...

Bi-Monthly Power Hour Sessions

Get tons of helpful content and meet with me twice a month for LIVE webinars on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 12pm EST. We'll get together for a group coaching POWER HOUR where we'll cover new topics geared towards helping you live a healthier, happier life.


Each month’s content will focus on a central theme designed to go deep and help you step into your WHOLE self. 

The Private Facebook Community

Get connected and expand your network of like-minded hearts + souls!  Here you’ll find encouragement, support, and accountability which creates a powerful space for us to show up and be ourselves.


It’s your place to ask questions, get feedback and stay motivated.

Exclusive Resources + Materials

Our Members Only area is jam-packed with bonus life-changing resources, strategies, tip sheets, videos, activities and so much more! 

As a member, you'll also get a front row to *Special Guest* trainings with world-class experts and coaches on a variety of important and interesting topics.

Monthly Rapid Growth Challenges

Achieve mini breakthroughs in every area of life on a regular basis. Each month you'll experience a challenge that is specifically designed to help you achieve rapid growth. We can't sit around and wait for things to get better, we have to jump in and take action!


Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.

Ongoing Support + Feedback

You have access to monthly one-on-one mentorship sessions! These intimate conversations will be your chance to interact with Karen directly and get answers to all of your URGENT questions or get feedback on anything you're working on.

Create a plan and work the plan with accountability and support along the way!

Whether you are in a season of healing, transition, unexpected change, career apathy, or working on you for you, Soul Care is here to help you feel better, live better, and achieve your goals.

Here's how to get plugged in...

Try Soul Care for 30 days for just $1, after which you’ll be grandfathered in at our membership rate of $57 a month. This is a great way to give the community a try with the smallest possible commitment.

I don't know how you stumbled on to my site, but I'm so glad you're here because Soul Care has the potential to change your life in really radical ways!

I'm telling you from personal experience. When I was only 29 years old my life was suddenly flipped upside down... I became a widow when my husband, Richard, was tragically murdered. On the quest to rebuild my life, I discovered healthy habits and lifestyle changes that helped me renew my mind, rebuild my confidence and ultimately find my way back to a whole heart. And now, as your resilience & mindset coach, I'm sharing all of the life strategies I've learned, and continue to learn, with you.

I invite you to embrace this opportunity to grow. What you learn here will provide tangible results and skills to help you push through the everyday challenges we all face in life and work.


So are you ready? Alright then, let's do this!


My Commitment To YOU
(And my 100% Try it, Test it, Love it Guarantee)

Why am I offering this program to you at absolutely no risk?  



It’s really quite simple. First, while I personally know that the strategies I share in this program will work for you when you put in the time to do them, you might still be on the fence. Second, I trust you to be fair and not take advantage of me or my offer.  


*Memberships are a 3-month minimum.  This is my test drive policy. I have carefully crafted this program to deliver REAL results, for people who are TRULY committed.  This is NOT a "dip your toes in the water" kind of program. There is so much juicy content in here, that I want you to experience the breadth and DEPTH of what it offers.


I’m so confident that you’ll SEE results if you’re putting in the work, that I personally guarantee it. If you do the work and don’t see results, you can cancel your membership ANYTIME after the first three months, no questions asked. And if you reach out to me after those first 3 months of purchasing and aren’t satisfied with your results, I will happily refund your money. 



You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


But I promise that after 3 months of ALL IN, your life will radically shift, and you'll look forward to growing with this community more and more each month! 


*Note: You can cancel your monthly membership at any time with one email to our support team! But, this does mean you will lose your special monthly rate and access to our past library content.




"I felt so motivated and energized after today's Power Hour session - 2 major things that have been sitting on my to do list for far too long are now checked off!! Why? Because I knew they were important for ME. Thank you!💕"

- Lindsay -

What do I get access to when I join?

When you join Soul Care you will immediately have access to the Member’s Only area and you'll recieve a link to the Private Facebook Group, which includes all of the content for this current series, and any past series! 


What if I miss a Wednesday Power Hour training?

No worries! 📬 The Power Hour replays will be emailed to you after the class, and you'll have access to the archive of videos in the Member's Only area. So whether you miss the webinar, or if you want to go back and dive in a little deeper on your own, you can watch the replay at anytime.


Am I entitled to all upcoming trainings?

YES. You will have lifetime access to all previous content as long as you’re a member! You will also get special discounts for VIP events. 💃🏽


Why is Soul Care priced the way it is?

I created Soul Care and the content within it to reach those who were committed to their journey of growth, but who may not be able to afford this type of training otherwise. I figured if I could develop a group training program that required the same time commitment from me no matter how many people were involved, I would be able to reach more people 🌍 and DRASTICALLY minimize the cost because of the volume to time commitment ratio.


How easy is it to cancel?

Very easy. After your 3 month minimum time period is up, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time with one email to our support team! But, this does mean you will lose your special monthly rate and access to our past library content.

"I feel I have found my tribe -- despite our pain from unexpected life circumstances, we are rising above it and growing through it."

- Tracy -