8 Pinterest boards that will change your life

Are you looking to make some major changes in your life? Then let me tell you, Pinterest is a great tool to use for so many reasons!

You can create boards that help you visualize your future or boards that help you organize your life. I love Pinterest because it gives me a place to store motivating + encouraging resources.

Here are a few Pinterest boards that will inspire you to change different areas of your life. Now these are topics that are specific to the life I want to live, but be sure to explore a wide range of topics that will help your unique journey to becoming your best self.

Mindfulness - Calm your mind and learn how to become more mindful. You will find everything you need to relax your mind.

Self Care habits - Self care is so important. When you take time to replenish yourself, you're able to do more and give more to others.

Stress Relief tips - Discover how to reduce and manage stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and get out of a slump when you are feeling down.

Productivity tips - Pin the best productivity hacks to get stuff done and find motivation to stop procrastination today to become more productive!

Money Management - Find everything you need to improve your personal finances. How to improve your credit score, how to pay off debts, how to create a budget, how to save money, how to be frugal while enjoying life.

Personal Development - Who do you want to be? Find tips to help you be motivated to change, work on your personal growth, self-improvement, unstuck your life and become your best self!

Soul Food (words of encouragement) - Stop negative thoughts and start thinking positively by filling your mind with uplifting and inspiring quote cards!

Love your body (health conscious habits) - How you treat your body matters and impacts how you show up in life. This board is a simple way to get inspired and organize healthy food choices and simple exercise routines.

Follow my boards for more ideas and tips.


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I know everyone is capable of living an undefeated life, and I'm here to help guide you through it. 

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Karen Millsap’s primary goal is to empower everyone to live an undefeated life.


Through her podcast, Unstuck on Purpose, and her robust library of resources, she teaches others how to build a resilient mindset so they can walk in their purpose and make an impact.


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