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The community, coaching, and connection you need to navigate life's ups and downs

Elevate Your Growth by Breaking Free from Pain to Unlock More Peace, Confidence, and Joy

Join a Global Tribe of Women on a Mission to Create A Life of Happiness

"Karen's story and courage are infectious. After learning about her journey, I felt like I had more strength for my own journey. I shared with Karen about my battle with cancer, personal, and family issues and she was a listening ear; a voice of wisdom. She has a gift to see through the chaos of life and provide clear, effective, guidance toward healing."

- Candi

If you want to rise above the throws of life, unleash your inner powerhouse and live a life with more abundance and joy than you could have ever imagined, this might be the most important message you read all year.


Whether you want to… 


  • Make peace with the past and move forward with passion and purpose

  • Discover how to grow and flow with life’s many curveballs

  • Connect with other strong women who know exactly what you’re going through

  • Attract positive vibes in your life like a magnet (and repel negative ones!)

  • Create a plan to help you live the life you WANT and deserve


Then you’re in the right place!


I have recently opened enrollment to a brand new coaching community called Soul Care and you’re invited! 


Soul Care coaching is committed to helping you get the clarity and confidence you need to get “unstuck” and create the life YOU want.


Each week on Wednesday, we'll meet for a 60 minute group power call where we'll cover an important new topic geared towards helping you live a healthier, happier life.


You'll have access to some of the world's top personal development experts, counselors, and more to give you the talks, tools, and lessons you've been craving.   


Here’s a quick glimpse of some topics we'll cover in this one-of-a-kind program...


PLUS.... you'll also get instant access to...

+ The CONFIDENCE Formula – discover how those powerful, smart confident women get their glow and keep it regardless of what life hands them


+ “Mindset Shift” techniques - how to hack your negative thoughts and transform them into strength


+ HEAL Method – how to navigate tough times with clarity for continuous growth



The SECRET Advantage to                        your Life 


When you’re struggling to overcome past pains or daily overwhelm, it’s natural to want to keep it all inside. Sharing can be painful and it can be hard to explain to others exactly how you’re feeling and what you need. 


That’s why you’ll get access to a community of women who have been where you are and are working to become the best version of themselves alongside you.


As a member of this community, you’ll be able to…  


  • Share the stories that mean the most to you with other women who know exactly how you feel and can relate to the mixed emotions you’re going through  

  • Get caring advice from those who have walked the path you are on, how they were able to turn their struggles into strengths and how you can too  

  • Grow and flow through life together – you’ll create lasting relationships with others who understand you  



Now, I know at this point, you’re wondering – could this really work for me? That’s normal and healthy. But you don’t have to take just my word for it.

"Karen connected with me in a way no one else had done before her. She opened my heart and my eyes to the blessings that come from helping others and having gratitude. She is a key reason I have been able to rebuild myself and be as strong as I am today."


- Regina -

"Karen really understood everything I was struggling with. She helped me see my whole self and be true to myself while navigating the chaos. I didn’t lose myself - positive, joyful, strong nature - despite what was happening to me. Instead, I was able to tap into those strengths and use them to navigate my way through."


- Tracy -

So, What’s Your Investment In Your Future?



I’d like to ask you, what would a change this powerful mean to you? Could you put a $5,000 price tag on the ability to wake up each morning, able to breathe again, feeling ready and excited for whatever the day brings? 


Maybe it’s worth $10,000 or more to break through the chains of the past, tap into your inner super woman and really make the impact in this life that deep down inside you know you’re meant to make. 


Maybe it’s priceless. 


While I’ve had clients say they’d happily pay those prices and more for the results they received, you won’t pay anywhere close to that today. 


You won’t even pay half of that. When you join the Soul Care Coaching, you’ll get everything I’ve shared above for only… 



(locked IN pricing which means if the price for this program ever goes up, yours will ALWAYS stay the same!) 


Why am I giving weekly coaching away for LESS than you would pay for ONE session with a therapist?


I KNOW what it’s like to go through a difficult experience that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and “stuck” which is why I wanted to make this program readily available for every woman who is ready to take action and move forward. Plus, it might be our first introduction to each other so I want this to be an easy decision for you to get started. 


This is a SPECIAL launch price for all of my new Soul Care sisters! 

It will never be this low again and it's available for a limited time.

My Commitment To YOU
(And my 100% Try it, Test it, Love it Guarantee)

Why am I offering this program to you at absolutely no risk?  



It’s really quite simple. First, while I personally know that the strategies I share in this program will work for you when you put in the time to do them, you might still be on the fence. Second, I trust you to be fair and not take advantage of me or my offer.  


*Memberships are a 3-month minimum.  This is my test drive policy. I have carefully crafted this program to deliver REAL results, for people who are TRULY committed.  This is NOT a "dip your toes in the water" kind of program. There is so much juicy content in here, that I want you to experience the breadth and DEPTH of what it offers.


I’m so confident that you’ll SEE results if you’re putting in the work, that I personally guarantee it. If you do the work and don’t see results, you can cancel your membership ANYTIME after the first three months, no questions asked. And if you reach out to me after those first 3 months of purchasing and aren’t satisfied with your results, I will happily refund your money. 


You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.


But I promise that after 3 months of ALL IN, your life will radically shift, and you'll look forward to growing with this community more and more each month! 


*Note: You can cancel your monthly membership at any time with one email to our support team! But, this does mean you will lose your special monthly rate and access to our past library content.





Change is scary, but you can and you WILL do it. The world needs you to. When I lost my husband, I didn’t know if I could go on. I didn’t know if I could get through. Most days, I didn’t even want to. But there was a little voice in my heart that knew I had to. Not just for myself and my family, but because I had a message to share with the world. I knew my story would make a difference in the lives of other women if they only knew that they weren’t alone and happiness after a life-altering experience was possible.  



That voice is there for you too. The world needs your story. There’s someone out there who needs to hear it and say, 'I can do this too.'  



Wherever you are on your journey to wholeness & happiness, I’m happy walk alongside you.  



To a lifetime of joy,


You've got questions, we've got answers.

What do I get access to when I join?

When you join Soul Care you will get access to the Member’s Only area and sent a link to the Private Facebook Group, which includes all of the content for this current bundle, and any past bundles!


Am I entitled to all upcoming trainings?

YES. You will have lifetime access to all previous content as long as you’re a member! You will also get special discounts for VIP events. *happy dance!*


Why is Soul School priced the way it is?

I created Soul Care and the content within it to reach those who were committed to their journey of growth, but who may not be able to afford this type of training otherwise. I figured if I could develop a group training program that required the same time commitment from me no matter how many people were involved, I would be able to reach more people and DRASTICALLY minimize the cost because of the volume to time commitment ratio.


How easy is it to cancel?

Very easy. After your 3 month minimum time period is up, you can cancel your monthly membership at any time with one email to our support team! But, this does mean you will lose your special monthly rate and access to our past library content.