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a clear path & simple strategy



 A 20/20 Game Plan for 2020 

Do you have a burning desire to do more, be more, achieve more but feel stuck on what next steps you should take? Maybe you have a business idea you want to turn into reality, but not sure what to do first? Or have you started taking the few first steps, but you'd much rather have someone just rollout the blueprint?


I can tell you have something great inside that’s ready to emerge into the world. And guess what, friend? I'm here to help make the process a-whole-lot easier!

We're going to get clear on your vision for the new year and make it happen! Launch Your Passion is a course designed to give you a 20/20 game plan for 2020.


You can ditch all of the complex marketing advice and say bye-bye to the daunting business tactics. In this workshop, you will learn simple strategies to declutter your mind, organize your thoughts, and take action to bring your passion to life in 2020.

Hey You! Yeah, You.


You have a ton of great ideas, but the thought of starting a business or building your brand seems like a LOT of work. Am I right?


Maybe you don’t know how to focus all your ideas or translate your vision into a strategy?

Or, are you stuck in a job or started your business simply to make money (a result you want, don’t get me wrong)...but it doesn’t yet fulfill the need for pursuing something that sets your heart on fire?

If any, or all of this is true, then you’re in the right place!

I love working with powerhouse go-getters, like you, who have a lot to offer the world but just need a little structure and direction to launch their idea effectively. 

If you've got a passion or business idea you want to bring into the world, there's a roadmap to follow to get it up and running smoothly. 

In Launch Your Passion, you'll learn step-by-step strategies to build your business with simple action steps. My personal methodologies will help you avoid overwhelm and make progress with confidence. 

I’m ready and waiting to serve you; to help you launch your passion and become 100% clear on both your big goals and the necessary next steps.


Join me on the LIVE webinar - Wednesday, December 18th, 2019 at 8:00p EST. In one hour I'm going to cover everything you need to know and then we'll also have time at the end of Q&A. I'm committed to you, all I ask is that you are committed to getting the work done. It's time you prove to yourself that you CAN DO THIS! 

Together we're going to...

👉 Map your goal

👉 Organize your next steps

👉 Lay the foundation

No worries if you can't make it, or if something comes up last minute (because I know life happens), you will get the replay, the workbook, and all of the ⭐️bonus⭐️ goodies delivered to your inbox. 

Discover the #1 brainstorming tool I teach clients to help them organize all of their thoughts into quick-sprint action steps. We will break down your big dream into manageable chunks that will put you on a path for success. 


Not only will you have a clear view of big-picture goals, but you'll also learn a powerful productivity technique to help you organize your priorities and stay focused on what's most important NOW. 

Learn how to simplify your business goals and focus your attention on the next step in your journey.

Anything you build in life (from buildings to relationships to businesses) must have a firm foundation to function properly.


I'm going to simplify complex business strategies and give them to you in THREE crystal-clear pillars:

👉 Logistics

👉 Marketing

👉 Income

We're going to cut through the noise and get to the heart of what's most important. This, my friend, is the starting point from where you'll continue to build long-term sustainable success. 

Gain more traction with advanced marketing techniques like writing for major outlets in your industry, getting local news coverage, and implementing creative funnels.

I'm not a sales expert, but I am a BOSS at building credibility and maximizing exposure which has lead me to incredible opportunities without any uncomfortable cold calling. 


I don't know how you stumbled on to my site, but I'm so glad you're here because Launch Your Passion has the potential to change your life in really radical ways!

I'm telling you from personal experience...


When I was only 29 years old my life was suddenly flipped upside down... I became a widow, lost my car, my house, my job. 

What most people don’t know is that after being laid off, I wanted to start a business but I had verrrry little to invest in that dream. The money I did have, I immediately trusted web developers and marketers to help me get established, but they ended up draining me and never delivered a finished product. I was left with ZERO DOLLARS... but, I wasn't willing to give up building my dream.

So I dug in my heels and started teaching myself how to do EVERYTHING - build a website, design stunning marketing pieces, and so on. I was committed to creating a presence larger than my start-up status. In today's world, the first thing people look at to gauge the value of your business is your online presence, so I knew I had to nail it!

Now, I loooove teaching driven individuals how to launch their passion without wasting precious time or spending a ton of money. I'm going to give you ALL of my tips, resources, and techniques because I want to see you succeed.

Let's jump in and make some magic happen!

"Karen has been an invaluable inspiration and mentor to me. She has helped me own what I always knew was possible for myself but was afraid to fully step into. She has given me the courage, the tools, and her full support as I move forward toward my dreams."

- Christy -

👥 Goal-Alignment & Strategic Coaching

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💻 New -or- Revived Website Strategy

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🎨 Digital Marketing Coaching & Strategy

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🗞Advanced Media Coverage Coaching 

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📌Access to organizational tools and time management

techniques to improve your productivity

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The Ultimate Guide to Building A Stunning Website on Wix

Course |

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Canva Like a PRO 

| Course |

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TOTAL VALUE = $10,304


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I'm saving you 💰 AT LEAST $10,000 💰 by teaching you how to launch your passion with ease!

Would launching your passion make you happy?

Then what are you waiting for??