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solutions & resources for individuals to navigate any hardship in order to grow into the best version of themselves.

Grief is not always the result of a death, and often we suppress our complex emotions because we just don't know how to manage the weight of it all. Learn how to use each storm as an opportunity for growth, and along the way, build your resilience to live an undefeated life! 



our corporate services division, egency, provides solutions to Strengthen the employee experience and elevate performance by implementing practical empathy. 

Tragedy or life altering changes occur in all of our lives at some point; death of a loved one, divorce, health-related issues, and more, produce an emotional distress that is impossible to "turn off" at work.  Grief is a delicate and, sometimes, awkward subject, and our solution based training workshops will help you impart the proper support to create a psychologically safe workplace.

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Engage Employees

Employees who feel supported & valued are more engaged & productive than those who feel isolated. 

Improve Culture

Providing a supportive environment for employees immediately strengthens your company's goodwill. 

Save Money

Improving leaders emotional awareness will help save an untold amount of money in lost productivity.

Increase Retention

Supporting employees who are emotionally distressed will innately increase their loyalty.

What clients say

"Karen's presentation was insightful and resonated with the over 125 EMS, Firefighters, Deputy Sheriffs and police officers in attendance at this conference. The after-survey for Karen's presentation was the highest of all of the speakers and overwhelmingly they echoed how the message rang true for them."                                                                                                                                                                                           - Cheri Sale, President of The Savannah Area Chapter of SHRM   
"Karen challenges leaders to make it possible for employees to grieve as they need to. I can’t imagine an organization that couldn’t benefit from this powerful approach to a very real issue which is too-often ignored. "                                                                                                                                                                       - David Glaser, Partner at Vogel/Glaser Associates
"Karen's passion and energy, and her ability to relate to an audience by sharing her deeply personal story touched everyone in the room. The seminar was interactive and helped us realize, how despite our differences, we all experience grief in similar ways."                                                                                      - Jonathan Schulte, Employee Relations Consultant at NSU